The Miracle of Monroe Projects

This is another story that I wrote a while back that has gone through a revision. I wrote this after a news report appeared about a mother and her son that were brutally… Continue reading

What’s your favorite Crime Drama?

All writers will say that various experiences and influences have help shaped their writing. Most read books to jumpstart the creative process. Others workout to get that much needed oxygen to the brain… Continue reading

I Got A Story to Tell…

I wanted to share a revised story I wrote a while ago. It’s about a hitman on a job who realizes he’s not very sociable. It’s called Jumpshot. Hope you like it and… Continue reading

…and ran right into Iron Man

  Hey everyone. I wanted to continue what I posted on Thursday about my “Day at the Movies” with my two sons last week. I shared my opinion on Star Trek: Into Darkness… Continue reading

We flew amongst the stars…

First off I would like to send my condolences and prayers to the people of Moore and OKC. God is with you and he will lift you up in your time of need.… Continue reading


As the week passed by, two newsworthy stories received the obligatory coverage associated with a 24 hour news cycle; the three captive women in Cleveland and Jodi Arias. I’m happy for the women being… Continue reading

Its Been Along While…

          Its been two years since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I thought it was time to start creating again. I’ve started many short stories and attempts at completing a novel, but… Continue reading

Second Chances Are Inevitable

I was going to post something positive and uplifting that I wrote earlier about life in general, but I happened to see an article on Yahoo about Michael Vick re-signing with Nike. Personally, I’m happy… Continue reading

The Greatest Comeback Ever

     So I’m on my vacation staying with my Brother-in-law’s family in Orlando. He’s at work with the Orlando Fire Department and I’m here with my family and sister-in-law. First thing I do is… Continue reading


   You ever wake up in the morning with this overwhelming feeling of doubt that you just can’t shake? This nagging frustration that all that you do will amount to nothing and you… Continue reading

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