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Jump Shot

It has been a busy September. This is a story I wrote a long time ago that I’ve re-edited. Hope you enjoy  it. Jump Shot By Robert C Price I hate the Sixers.… Continue reading

Melrose Diner

This is my 100th post and I’m very excited. It took a long time to get here, but hopefully the next hundred won’t take as long. I want to thank all those who… Continue reading

Hell on Earth

This is a short story I had on the site a long time ago. I took it off for submissions but nothing came to past. I have re-edited it to make it better than… Continue reading


I hope everyone took the opportunity to read my series, Water for Blood. It was my first real episodic crime story and if you didn’t get the chance, please feel free to click… Continue reading

Water For Blood – The Conclusion

Thanks to everyone that have read the previous installments. I appreciate the “Likes” and comments and will try to be more diligent with my time in the next series.   Water for Blood… Continue reading

Water For Blood – Part IV

Sorry for the delay. Real life keeps interrupting my writing life, but here is Part IV of Water for Blood.   Water for Blood – Part IV By Robert C Price As the… Continue reading

Water For Blood – Part III

Here is Part III of Water For Blood Water For Blood – Part III By Robert C Price   I felt the car swerve again, just missing a silver Camry. On instinct, I… Continue reading

Water For Blood – Part II

First off, I like to apologize. When I posted Part I, I said that I would post every Wednesday and Friday. That pesky thing called life happened and got in the way of… Continue reading

Water For Blood – Part I

I’m posting a crime series every Wednesday and Friday that I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s actually a Long Short Story I did a couple of years back that I’ve re-edited and would like… Continue reading

No Strings Attached

      No Strings Attached  By Robert C Price   When I turned ten years old, my father decided to take over my development. He said to my mother, “The only way… Continue reading

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