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Locked Away

Locked Away By Robert C Price When someone or something looks beautiful to you who can doubt your intentions or argue your reasons Your heart deems it worthy and real The mere reason… Continue reading


    6 By Robert C Price   Authorities don’t care how I feel When I see blood stains on the asphalt mingling with the gravel and tar Disturbed by twenty inch tire… Continue reading


I’ve watched the news coverage of the events in Ferguson and I’m filled with a lot of emotions. I look at Michael Brown and I see my fifteen year old staring back at me.… Continue reading

Ten O’Clock Ramblings II

People hound you when You’re doing right and Hound you when you’re Doing wrong The wrong stays present Always No one can get past The mistakes Like hawks on Prairie dogs They prey… Continue reading

Amongst the Stars

I pierce the atmosphere and plummet through to the earth’s core. Churning with lava and crust. Being burned beyond recognition. Skin dissolving. Bones disintegrating. Becoming ash. No more.   Atoms revolve. Molecules form.… Continue reading


    Questions By Robert C Price   I sat with my daughter the other day Her big brown eyes looking up at me with two front teeth missing and every word she… Continue reading

Ten O’clock Ramblings

Ten O’clock Ramblings By Robert C Price     I wake up each morning completely aware that I am a fraud A shyster Con artist Who in their right mind, or any mind… Continue reading


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a poem. I’ve tried concentrating more on my short stories, putting them together for submission and some for a book. But I had this brewing in my… Continue reading

Vox Poetica Edition #2

When you get a chance during the day, please check out Vox Poetica Edition #2. It’s an online poetry magazine created by Michael David Saunders Hall. He’s also one of the moderators of… Continue reading

Can’t Make No Money From It

Can’t Make No Money From It By Robert C Price   “If I can’t make no money from it Then what’s the point,” he declared on the corner trying to build himself up… Continue reading

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