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I Love Music XX

Happy Friday Good People One of my favorite songs from Stevie Wonder, These Three Words. When I hear it, I have to sit down and let it sink in. It’s such a beautiful… Continue reading

I Love Music XIX

Happy Friday!! I wanted to showcase a classic today. I heard this song on Anti-Telly Time with Sharifa and Chee and had to share it. This is a true soulful love song. I… Continue reading

I Love Music XVIII

I feel when I hear great music that I have to share it with the masses. We’re over-saturated by pop stars that either have no talent or have let their real talent become… Continue reading

I Love Music XVII

All I can say is that they don’t make songs like this anymore. Music is so self absorbed now that I feel it has lost its soul. They use to tell meaningful stories… Continue reading

I Love Music XVI

I have this song on my MP3 player. It’s one of my favorites. This is poetry set to music and I love every word. Jill Scott, “Hear My Call.”

I Love Music XV

If anyone hasn’t read my poem Eclectic, I pay homage to some Jazz greats within the piece. I found this video on Youtube and I had to share it with everyone. It’s the… Continue reading

I Love Music XIV

Happy Friday everyone. Here’s another edition of I Love Music. Today I’ll treat your musical taste with someone you may know or not but he’s part of my family. Bobby Timmons is a… Continue reading

I Love Music XIII

It’s been a while since I posted I Love Music. WordPress and YouTube had somewhat of a falling out for a time or they just didn’t want me to collaborate with them without… Continue reading

I Love Music XII

We’re coming into February (the Month of Love) and I thought that this song would be appropriate to start it off. Grab your significant other and hold them tight. This song will tell… Continue reading

I Love Music XI

Back in 1990, everyone knew this song. It’s a classic love song that you can’t help but sing along . More Than Words by Extreme.

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