Netflix Holiday

Hey everyone.

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new lately. Life’s been a little crazy. My wife injured her foot in a horrible cartwheel catastrophe ( it wasn’t really horrible, she actually did a bunch of cartwheels and just landed wrong on the last one which is an amazing feat compared to what I would’ve done).

I’m helping out with getting our kids back to school, so I’ve been a little busy. My muse and I have not been on the best of terms lately. I’ve resorted to watching a lot of Netflix to jumpstart my creativity.

I’m a big fan of the Syfy show Haven. I didn’t get a chance to see  Season 4 last year, but TGFN ( Thank God For Netflix). Now I’m caught up and ready for the new season that starts this Thursday. If you haven’t watched the show, check it out. The mystery that’s woven into the show is very good.

Right after finishing Haven, I started watching Lost Girl, another SyFy show. I’m already in Season 2 and I really like it. This is a little more adult oriented, so you definitely can’t watch this with the kids. The main character, Bo, discovers that she is a Succubus and member of the race called the Fae who pre-date humans. It’s a very interesting show so far and looking forward to watching the other two seasons.

I also watched a cool Samuel Jackson film called The Samaritan that only confirmed my admiration for his skills. He plays a con man, recently released from prison, trying to stay on the straight and narrow. It had that nice Indie Film kind of vibe to it. No big special effects just solid acting and a great story. His performance reminded me of my character, Franklin Linney, from the story Melrose Diner. They both had that temperament about them. Struggling to forget the past and move forward. It’s a good film. Check it out when you have a chance.

I do have some things in the works. I have a couple of stories I’ll share with you in the coming weeks.

My poems are locked in the recesses of my brain scurrying around , looking for freedom. I’ll get ’em out.



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