I’ve watched the news coverage of the events in Ferguson and I’m filled with a lot of emotions. I look at Michael Brown and I see my fifteen-year-old staring back at me. They both have similar features; tall, broad-shouldered and don’t like smiling in pictures. The thing is that he could’ve been Michael. Just walking down the street minding his own business and then his life gone.

For those who are not familiar with the initials above, NHI stands for No Humans Involved. It is believed that some in the Law Enforcement community use this term to describe minorities, especially African-Americans. I believe it without any questions.





By Robert C Price



I stand here with

my hands up

in total surrender

All you see is


Taking pop shots

at my sternum,

kidneys and heart

Brain matter splatter

on the macadam

What we’ve become

is foreign

NHI tatted on my chest

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to rest

It doesn’t matter

That I got dreams too

You see the TV and

think you know me

You don’t want to

know me

I’m a wart on society

Bringing out your

Compound W to

Dissolve who I am

I’m like herpes, baby

I last forever

Always right below

your lip and in

every crevice

All In the

Background Staining

Your Alabaster blinders


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