It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a poem. I’ve tried concentrating more on my short stories, putting them together for submission and some for a book. But I had this brewing in my mind since I started listening to Spotify. They have a Miles Davis station that is phenomenal.

I also read a poem yesterday by  Tiana Lopez called Broken Beats that really forced me to finish this piece. I hope you enjoy it and definitely click on the link to Tiana’s poem and check her website.




By Robert C Price


I wanna be like Miles

and run the voodoo

down into an eclectic

symphony of beats and

riffs that only I can decipher


The flow of a jazz song

I write with deft hands

on my keyboard playin’

like Erroll Garner as

the head bob


My speech spoken in tones

laced in bass rhythms like

Ron Carter plucking my veins

Feelin’ the low end vibrate



Travelin’ on the winds

like that night in Tunisia

when everything was simple

and plain and I wrote with

a passion that’s returned


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