Water For Blood – Part III

Here is Part III of Water For Blood

Water For Blood – Part III

By Robert C Price


I felt the car swerve again, just missing a silver Camry. On instinct, I pointed the gun at her.

“Listen, I don’t wanna hurt you, but you need to pull over,” I said.

She took a deep breath, “Where?”

We passed a couple of fast food joints when I spotted a side street behind a KFC. I told her to make a left and drive through the restaurant’s parking lot to the overgrown field off the street. Only abandoned houses littered the area.

With the car parked, I kept the gun on her and took quick glances out the window. On the third glance, she made a move.

“What the hell you doing,” As I moved the gun closer to the back of her head.

“I have to call my cousin. That job you was gonna do with that dead asshole was about him. Since you’ve fucked that up, the Brothers will be on us like pitbulls in heat or have you forgotten how they feel about their money?”

I hadn’t forgotten. Raheem ingrained it in us the first time we sold. Always get the money, don’t skim, have the count correct and you won’t wind up in the Schuylkill. Yeah, I knew it too well.

“What’s your name,” I asked.

“Symphony,” she replied.

“Pretty. So they sent you here to do what? Watch your cousin get done in or you were gonna do something stupid?”

“I already did that. Tamik’s my boyfriend and I’m the one that hooked up my cousin.”

“He was dead the minute you mentioned him. Was you in on the skim too?”

She hesitated, but I knew the answer.

I let her make the call and listened to the one-sided conversation. I overheard bits and pieces of her cousin Barrington’s voice. He had a thick Jamaican accent, but I couldn’t make out what he said.

The last thing Symphony said was that she’d be there in twenty minutes and then looked back at me and our dead associate.

“Make it 45 minutes.”

She tossed the phone out the window. Didn’t bother to wipe it off. Definitely not in this for the long haul, but I need her. Priority number one is Terrence.

“I need your help Symphony and you need mine,”

“Yeah, how so?”

“You’re runnin’ like I did. You got no love for Tamik or this muthafucka I killed. I gotta get my son away from Derek. He’s gonna kill ‘em. You know it and I know it. I’ll pay you. Hell, I’ll double whateva you and your cousin stole. You’ll need it after tonight.”

I saw those wheels turning in her greedy little mind.

“Double, huh? How much did you make from the Brothers?”

“Enough. Do we have a deal?”

“Yeah, yeah, we got it. We gotta dump this car, though.”

“Leave the car. I know Beans. He got a tarp in the trunk right now. Wipe everything down. Everything. I’ll move the body.”

Symphony popped the trunk and I gave a slight grin. Asshole was so predictable. He had it all laid out–tarp spread opened, latex gloves pushed to one side and grayish cloth ready to be used.

“You’re lucky I killed him when I did,” I said, “This was for me and you.”

She turned in my direction, said “Thanks,” and stared at her Reeboks.

I gave her the cloth and I hoisted that big joker into the trunk. She did a good job cleaning. Nothing we could’ve done about the blood on the seats, but as long as we got rid of most of the evidence, we were set.

We did one more sweep and started our way east across the field towards Dixie Highway.

“What about your shirt?” as she stared at the bloodstain that formed an abstract piece.

I was so engrossed with the car and Beans that I forgot to take off my polo. I wasn’t going to leave it in the trunk. I carried it and dumped it in the nearest trash bin. I always wore a t-shirt underneath to keep the sweat off my clothes.

I grabbed her arm and intertwined it with mine so we wouldn’t draw attention when police sped by during their public safety checks.

“We’ll go to Barrington’s house, pick up my half and add yours to my retirement package,” said Symphony.

“How far is he from here?”

“Not far. We can beat feet from here. Takes a little longer…”

It hit me then how long I’ve been out of the game.

“Of all the stupidest shit I could’ve done. First the shirt and now the cell”


“Beans has a cell, which means my brother will call and check on us”

“Well, we can’t go back. Somebody might see us. We can’t take that chance.”

There was a green bus stop bench that called out to me. I sat down and thought about my next move.

“I need you to call Derek”

“With what?”

“Seriously. This is life and death shit. I saw your real phone in that purse you carryin”

Symphony looked me square in the eye and I gave it back to her. She pulled out the iPhone and said, “Siri call Derek.”


















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