By Robert C Price


You’re too beautiful

I know it’s the most

idiotic statement

ever uttered but it’s



Some will think me

insane for even

contemplating such

a thought


It’s something about

your eyes, the hazel

with green flecks that

turn most into blathering



Behind those eyes

fill me with apprehension

A flicker of malevolence

that goes unnoticed by

the blind


You are everything a

perfect woman should

be in theory and that’s

what troubles me the



It’s God-like

not mortal


no imperfections

A breathing Michelangelo


You’re real and not


The embodiment of

an unattainable goal

which mocks me


I wish I could

dismiss this feeling

but your beauty I

do not trust for

something is missing


Could it be the very

thing that makes

us real


A soul perhaps?


7 thoughts on “Beautiful?

  1. Very nice poem Robert. I liked how it started out as sounding like a person in love with someone to someone who is more like infatuated with the beauty of a possible sociopath. A little creepy. Don’t be angry if I’m wrong. Lorraine will tell you, I know very little about poetry.


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