Book Review: Vs Reality

This is my first foray into book reviews and I believe with any review it’s just the reader’s opinion. In other words, my review is not gospel. It’s just my insight on an author’s work. You are free to read the book or not.

Vs Reality by Blake Northcott is a comic book inspired urban fantasy novel that would be just as exciting as a graphic novel.
It’s set in an alternate Earth where the United States has created a utopia guided by The New World Council; a group similar to the United Nations in developing new laws for global improvement. In this world, we meet down on his luck MMA fighter, Donavan Cole, a new drug called Muse that can manifest superhuman abilities and a shadowy organization called The Basement all set to collide in perfect comic book fashion.

I couldn’t help but get excited when I read the synopsis of this book and it did not let me down. It had all the familiar beats of what you would read in a comic book so I didn’t expect anything less which is good. The flow of the book was never boring and there’s a fight scene that rivals any blockbuster movie.

I recommend this to anyone that enjoys urban fantasy or good ol’ comic book action. You’ll not be disappointed. It just so happens that Blake Northcott wrote a sequel called Relapse that I’ll get soon and give you my honest opinion.,