I Blame Assassins Creed IV

If you hadn’t notice I didn’t really post anything last week. I’m kind of in a rut. You know that “I don’t know what to write or why I’m a writer cuz I’m not writing” rut. I think it’s the holidays. I have no focus but to veg out on Assassins Creed IV and live my life as a pirate. Sad I know, but maybe it isn’t. I’ve read many articles about this particular condition (not me vegging out on a video game) but just being burnt out.

I try to sit at my desk and form some semblance of words and sentences. I have no distractions on my desk to take me away from writing. I just can’t seem to get focused. I am starting to workout which is a plus in this situation (for the record the Insanity workout is created by Satan. SATAN I TELL YOU).

I guess that’s why I haven’t felt Christmasy either (yes I said Christmasy) because of this rut. Well, I’m on the right track. I’ve written this post so that’s a start. Eventually, I’ll get out of it and start writing some poetry again and some stories. I just wanted to put it out there in the universe. I’m starting to feel better already.


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