Goal List

Most people , who want to achieve something that’s important, have a list of goals. This past weekend, I was rummaging through my desk and found a Goal List I wrote a while back. I looked over them and found that I fell short on some and still working on others. But, I re-dedicated myself to achieving these objectives. At least I’ll try to be more aware of the goals I set forth.

I wanted to share the list with my supporters and those who are trying to reach their Goal Mountaintop:

1. I will write everyday no matter what.

2. I will carry my notebook everywhere I go to record my life and ideas.

3. I will not be afraid to write.

4. I will not be afraid of failure.

5. I will not be afraid of rejection.

6. I will not be afraid of success

7. I will fight for my place in the world.

8. I have ideas that need to be expressed.

9. I will not be intimidated by anyone.

10. I will observe and process my surroundings

11. I must become better than what I am now in the eyes of God and my family

12. When I’m feeling strong emotions, I will write it out.

Thank you for letting me share and hopefully someone can benefit from this.