Goal List

Most people , who want to achieve something that’s important, have a list of goals. This past weekend, I was rummaging through my desk and found a Goal List I wrote a while back. I looked over them and found that I fell short on some and still working on others. But, I re-dedicated myself to achieving these objectives. At least I’ll try to be more aware of the goals I set forth.

I wanted to share the list with my supporters and those who are trying to reach their Goal Mountaintop:

1. I will write everyday no matter what.

2. I will carry my notebook everywhere I go to record my life and ideas.

3. I will not be afraid to write.

4. I will not be afraid of failure.

5. I will not be afraid of rejection.

6. I will not be afraid of success

7. I will fight for my place in the world.

8. I have ideas that need to be expressed.

9. I will not be intimidated by anyone.

10. I will observe and process my surroundings

11. I must become better than what I am now in the eyes of God and my family

12. When I’m feeling strong emotions, I will write it out.

Thank you for letting me share and hopefully someone can benefit from this.


18 thoughts on “Goal List

  1. An admirable list, my friend. It will take me a lifetime to do something like that 😉

    You know, my first thought on ‘Not be afraid of writing’ is- duh, that’s obvious. But then I followed it up with- and the hardest. Isn’t it though? I think it’s expresses and opens a part of us that’s difficult to open, and to trust being open.

    Allowing ourselves to write, and write badly from time to time, is key to success, I think.


    1. It is. I sometimes think of l ideas to put in a story and hold back. That stifles me and its hard to write after that. Looking over the list, I decided to just go for it. I can always edit it out if need be.


  2. As for me, instead of a goal list, I use the blog posts that I make to serve as my self-reminders. Still, a goal list is a good idea. Let’s do our best and have fun, then!


  3. Thank you for sharing your list of goals. I have looked at these a couple times and think that #4 and #9 are the hardest for me to do. I wish you the best of luck and check back in on you to see how they are going.

    -Jerry B


    1. I agree with you. #4 I’m trying to embrace if that’s the right word and #9 I should add not to be jealous of others success. maybe I’ll make that #13. Thanks for reading.


      1. The “not being jealous” is a difficult thing for me as well. I think we can keep creating a longer and longer goal list if we keep this going.

        Thank you for you post. It did get me thinking tonight on goals and priorities.


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