I’ve Never Been

I’ve Never Been

By Robert C Price


I’ve never been that guy

In the corner preying

On women like sheep

Had a line for every time

A young lady came in

Range of my radar


Patchwork of slik and

Linen smelled of Drakkar

And Mennen desperation

Had settled in where once

There was confidence in

The gait


I’ve never been that guy

With the corny ass opening

“Girl you must be tired, cuz

You’ve been running through

My mind all day”



I mean that really can’t work

Not in this day and age when

Women can sense bullshit

From a mile away

At least I hope they can


I can’t bring myself to

Stoop to that level

When I know you

Are much more than



I’ve never been that guy

The Bad-Boy rebel

Saying, “Hell with the

Establishment” smoking

Newports and weed

Holding my crotch with



I’m not thug enough or

Man enough if you want

To confuse the two

Some mistake my demeanor

For weakness as if pitbull

Tendencies will verify the

Male in you


Sorry to disappoint, but

I’m more cerebral in my


When time presents

Itself for me to protect

What I adore


The “Philly” in me will

Appear like a horde

Of Angels released on

An unsuspecting world

Then you will understand

What type of guy I really am




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