Tall Glass of Bitterness

Tall Glass of Bitterness

By Robert C Price

There she was in the corner

Sitting in painted on jeans

Wearing a painted on shirt

Drinking a tall glass of bitterness

I could tell because the golden

Liquid that usually filled her glass

Was replaced with black tar and

Hot steam hovered above

I knew my libations and Guinness

Was never that thick but I wanted

A sip anyway so I could feel her


You see even though she had that

Mean-mugging demeanor

I knew it was that three-inch

Thick armor protecting what

She cherished most

So I walked up to her while

Her sign said no vacancy and

Plopped myself in front

Her eyes blazed like wildfires

As she picked up her tall glass

Of bitterness, wanting to douse

Me with her foul nectar

I asked if I could listen to

Her story

She looked at me strange

And asked why of her pain

I replied, “I’m here to listen

You look to have a tale

To release

That tall glass of bitterness

Is not for everyone

She sat back in disbelief

Never knowing anyone

That cared to hear her

Side of things

She explained that love

Was gunning for her

Sending her men that

Weren’t worthy of time

Or space

She’d been dumped on


Sent to have this drink too

Many times

She’s tired of the sucker game

Being roped in by the smile

With the dimples

Hard body and cash flow

Nothing more than a bruiser

No sweetness showed her


She cowered in the corner

Of her affliction

Now she drinks this tall

Glass of bitterness to

Give her strength and

Power her resolve

Having a different taste

A little sweeter with

Confidence drenched

In self-examination

Soon the real woman

Will enter

Not taken over by

Doubt but empowered

To deserve more and

Be truly exceptional

Than what she is

So I smiled my smile

With the dimples as

She gave me a wary glance

I assured her my smile was

Of satisfaction

I ordered another drink

For her

Something a little less


A tall glass of realization

With an umbrella sticking

Out of the top


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