My free verse tribute to Hip Hop. Hope you enjoy it.



By Robert C Price


I’ve been listening to

Beats since I was ten

Words connected to

Rhythms in blended



Masterful puppeteers

Called MC’s made

The fellas say “Ho”

And the ladies say



Danced the body rock

Poplocked until a cramp

And I still couldn’t get my

Uprock right


Wore shelltops with fat

Laces, bomber jackets

With Lee jeans

High-top fade and spray

Cans on the scene


House parties ‘til the

Break of dawn

40 ounces all night long

I can still hear Public Enemy

Fight the power


That’s when we told the truth

To the four corners of the earth

Real lyrics weren’t afraid to upset


Now it’s about Bentleys and

Humvees stacks of cash for

The lost and everybody

Trying to make it rain


Instead of being evolved

We’ve devolved into asinine



I can’t stand to listen

To the radio or am I

Just getting old