Harsh Words

Warning: Adult language and too much truth for some to handle

Harsh Words

By Robert C Price

Hey girl let me talk to you a minute

Why you don’t want to talk to me?

What the hell’s your problem?

It’s your time of the month?

Actin’ all stuck up




Is that what you hear from the

Assassins in the air that lurk

Around every corner

Disturbing your existence

Conjuring up images of

Sexual gymnastics that

No human can perform

Debasing one’s fellow citizen

Serves as an initiation into

A club I no longer feel comfortable


Or ever did for that matter

Anyone can talk good game

And make someone feel

Like a side of beef ready

To be devoured

But in the long run

Can you lift up

As much as you

Tear down

Would you say those words

To your mother?

Would you say that to your sister?

What about your daughter?

Is it all a façade of insecurity

Or just infantile behavior?

I don’t want to pledge

That fraternity

It’s not worth losing the

Connections I’ve made

The bonding of minds into

A collective of creativity

Why would I disrupt such

Stimulation with harsh