Love High

Love High

By Robert C Price

I dabble a little

Ain’t no harm in just trying

Inhale your consciousness

Intoxicate every brain cell

Can’t get you out my mind

So I come for more

Enter the gateway

No doubt I’ll stay

Feast on the mere thought of you

Hitting veins to wake up

Blown beyond repair

Keep diggin’ for another

Creating more scar tissue

You keep giving me more

Until I’m worse for wear

But you don’t care

I’m just one more zombie

Stumbling towards sound

Elevated to pipe dreams

Giving up all that is holy

To be left in the corner

Rocking myself to sleep

Yearning for 3 little rocks

To hover in a cloud of smoke

You indulge me

You tease me

You toss them away so callously


18 thoughts on “Love High

  1. Breathtaking piece of poetry, I love the way in which you weaved the emotions and how everything was progressing towards that ending that felt like a chokehold of knowledge.


  2. I’m wondering if you’ve actually used drugs in a needle before. I’m sure you’ve seen it. I have only seen it done, but I have smoked crack. Thankfully I was able to get out of that whole situation.
    Are you having trouble getting out of it?


    1. No, Lorraine. I appreciate your concern. No problems here. This was more of a poem about love addiction or someone being obsessed with another person. At least that’s how I perceived it in my mind. Everyone has a different take on the piece which I love. Varied opinions expressed are great.


      1. Yes, they are. That’s what I love about poetry. Each person seems to relate to it a different way, depending upon their own experiences. 🙂 Have a good day, Robert.

        PS> I’m glad you’re not a druggie.


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