I Hate Vacations (I must be crazy)

I know, the title alone is provocative and insane, but I do. I didn’t realize how much I despised it until I came back.

I went to see my sister and niece in Orlando. Visiting them is like my own personal Disney World. We laugh all day and then we laugh some more. It was a three day trip over the weekend that gave me a chance to unwind without my family. A Daddy vacation. I had a great time until my trip home. The train was three hours late, so instead of arriving in South Florida at 5:39pm, I arrived at 8:45pm; tired, hungry and a little pissed off, but mostly tired.

The next day, I was out of it. The exhaustion lasted through the weekend. I pretty much needed a vacation from the actual vacation. And did I do any writing? Not a letter, word, sentence or paragraph. This post is the first thing I’ve written since last Thursday.

I’m not saying this because of the experience with the train, but it’s always like this. Every time I take time off, I come back dazed and confused about what to do next. If I had finished projects before leaving, I could relax and ease into another one refreshed. But I didn’t. Is it procrastination? Well, just a little. I know it’s something I have to work on.

Maybe I need a vacation to work on that.


11 thoughts on “I Hate Vacations (I must be crazy)

  1. I can relate to this one! I’m always worn out after vacation, and although I always enjoy it, i never accomplish what I hoped to (like the writing). Glad you enjoyed lots of smiles while you were there though!


  2. Ha,ha! I tend to over-do-it on vacation. I like my vacations to be very active (hikes, kayaking, cave-tubing…). Of course by the end I’m completely wiped out and in no shape to go back to work. I’ve learned to schedule a couple of rest days after I return from vacation. I give myself at least two days to rest before I go back to work. It is difficult to get back to reality, but I tend to hate work at that time not vacation. 🙂


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