By Robert C Price


No one wants to know me

I’m just a blip on the radar

A dot on a planet that

Calls me insignificant


Common thief stealing affections

Not deserving of any

My heart callous and raw

With so much scar tissue


How can you penetrate through it


I’m nothing

I’m worse than nothing


I scour the earth

In search of purpose

I can’t seem to lift my head

To soak up the sun


Dismissed and shunned

My mind on a tilt-a-wheel

Revolving but never evolving

Immersed in so much mire


Break free

Break free

Break free


9 thoughts on “Free

  1. You know, my immediate thoughts were: this is so sad! But then I thought, yes, but this is so REAL. I think just about anyone can relate to this poem, as at one point in our lives we’ve had to deal with the feeling of insignificance, or being dismissed, or what-have-you. Good for you for putting it into such strong words and facing something that most don’t want to face.


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