The Generation Of Better

This poem is dedicated to my two big boys, who are almost as tall as me. I try to teach them to be better than my generation and the generation before. No pressure.


The Generation of Better

By Robert C Price


Born a year apart

Twin like in closeness

Yet individually representing

Two sides of a coin


A partnership on steady ground

Bobbing and weaving through

Unknown territory


Still growing, learning

And yearning

For more control


Adolescent behavior

No authority yet

Still have to teach

The game in order

To win


But the game of life

Don’t have winners

Only contestants


You two are much more

Than contestants

Or statistics


You are my flesh

My bone

My mind

My spirit


The generation of better

That may not screw it up

Like we did


Traveling towards a time

Of unlimited possibilities


So change the world

Into your image

My sons

Make your mark

Destroy all misconceptions


Follow the lead of those

Who sought out their



Become revolutionary in

A society who hates



I give you my blessings

To become fierce in your



Become humble in praise

Become patient against



And most of all

Be seen as a

Human Being