This is a poem I dedicated to my daughter, Faith. She’s too young to understand it now, but she’ll appreciate it when she’s older. If I tried to read it to her now, the first thing she’ll say is “Daddy it doesn’t rhyme,” and then, “What kind of poem is this?” followed by, “You tried Daddy.”



By Robert C Price


I look at you and see hope

Braids and long legs

With Hello Kitty as

Your best friend


Energy boundless

Charging your Twinkle Toes

Until they blink like Christmas


Against the sun-baked



Ballet pirouettes

Leaping through the air

And Angelina Ballerina

Bowing to your greatness


My love for you is infinite

Beyond universes yet to

Be discovered


Somehow I feel small

Compared to your love

For me


A love unconditional

And so great that

I feel unworthy to

Even receive it


You were the missing

Piece from my heart

That laid cold and



I can’t imagine not seeing

Your smile

As you glide across the



And hug me with no

Questions asked

Melting the troubles of

A blue day

Granting me solace


You’re happy just to be


Oh how I miss those

Young carefree days


Your presence brings

Back memories

When it was ok to

Laugh and not care


When the time comes

That I no longer slay the


No longer fight the demons


I pray that I have taught

You well

Given you the keys to



And made you strong enough

To call on your Daddy

When need be




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