When I Was A Poet IV

It’s that time again when I share with you a poem from my past. I’ve been in a poetry mood these last few posts so why stop the momentum. This is one of my favorites. It’s called I Can’t Speak. Hope you enjoy it.

Something about you has me intrigued

The very existence of your presence has me

encapsulated that my thoughts are not of

my own accord

I’ve been possessed by moronic moans and

ill thought concepts

I can’t speak.

My inability to form a sentence is caused by

one thing and one thing only

I can’t stand to be around you

I can’t stand to look in those eyes and see truth

To hear your voice is like water trickling down a mountain

I hang on every word

I float on syllables of my name being uttered from your lips

You make me weak with no disregard and reckless abandonment

that I can’t help but fall for your magic

Release me from your spell so that I may

regain my intelligence and not be one

of many who have lost their minds over you.

                                                                        Robert C. Price



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