A Flower In A Box…who knew?

An old friend of mine named Frederick Terrell took a look at my page on Facebook. He read  the posts I publicized from my blog and enjoyed it. He sent me a message stating that he liked the poem from When I Was A Poet II. He listed insights for a poem and suggested I incorporate them  into a new work. Positive feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

So I have included his phrases in a poem called Resting Place. Hope you enjoy.



My adoration for you is not a blanket

made of steel wires


Clinging to your soul weighted

and awkward


It’s more like a flower in

a glass box


Enjoying you in full bloom and

letting the world see your radiance


As I place my needs to the side

And guide your dreams to the forefront


My surrender is unconditional

As well it should be


Why would I indulge in



When my sole purpose is your



My desires are your desires


I say this with no secret agenda

Except to acknowledge your freedom


To be your resting place



Robert C Price & Frederick Terrell


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