When I Was A Poet III

This poem I wrote when I was bored one day. It’s, um, interesting. Hope you enjoy it.


Laying down next to you is my dream
Your soft flesh being pressed against
Leaving me vulnerable and open to
desires trapped in my consciousness

Feathery kisses down your spine sending
waves of readiness
For my touch is your ointment
So worry not and be not afraid
Confusion about my intentions have dissipated

I wait for you
I long for you

Your mere existence is my joy and
For I know why my love was stagnate
I had not found my soul mate, my queen
my Cleopatra, my Neferteri

My all or nothing
The very one who would
give me heaven on earth

As I drank the nectar of your being
While you writhe in chaotic pleasure
Exploding upon impact until there is
nothing left but your soul.

Robert C. Price


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