Reach Peace

Today is my birthday and I wanted to share a poem I wrote a while ago. I thought this would be a fitting poem because of the occasion. In 2010, I had a kidney transplant from a 35-year-old woman who, unfortunately, passed away. I don’t know who she is and I feel bad that I didn’t investigate it further.

For those three years after, I’ve been in limbo. In my mind, I felt I was wasting this gift God allowed to happen. I was plugging along at work, moving in slow motion. I was watching my life go by. I wrote here and there and was pretty much going to give up on becoming an author.

Who knew going to a company conference would change my mind. They had a speaker named Ira Blumenthal who was this marketing guru. He spoke about the companies he consulted which turned around their business. During the presentation, he asked a question that really struck home, “Do you want to be recalled or remembered?” I never though about that. As he explained, “To be recalled, you’re just a vague memory, but to be remembered means that you’ve left your mark on the world.”

I came back reenergized and ready to move forward in my life and writing. And I’ve been pretty happy. So the poem below is just my declaration to the world and to say thank you to the young lady. I hope you enjoy it.


Why is my head filled with so much dread?
So much confusion along with disillusion

So tired of sadness, but can’t seem to get past it
Wake up in the morning yearning for something

Reaching for anything that will raise me up
out of this dark and lonely place of sorrow

I call out to God and I know he hears me

He tells me to shake myself loose from these shackles
of oppressed mindsets.

To acknowledge my true being
and let go what is hindering me from happiness

Break free and overcome all struggles
and move all dilemmas

To hopefully reach peace and understanding.


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