Does My Butt Look Fat When I Write?

We, my fellow writers, are an insecure lot. It’s true. I know we don’t want to admit it, but we are. I know I can be and I have a sneaky suspicion you are too. It’s just the way it is.

It doesn’t matter how confident we are or think we are, at some point we’ll wonder if we have what it takes. All of us do this; from the amateur to the established author.

Listen, we’re not JD Salinger. We don’t hide our work in a safe or dusty file cabinet in a deep dark corner in the basement. We write so people can read our stories; to tell us they understand our meanings and its a great story. We crave the attention and accolades. And when we don’t get them, it’s a little disconcerting.

But, we still persevere. Why? Because our desire to write outweighs the rejections we receive. Our stories, poems, ideas, thoughts, memories and a hosts of other stuff battle each other to be set free on paper or computer screen. We wade through the negative and rejections and the insecurity so we can reach the one person who gets it.

Isn’t it worth it?

So fight on my warriors of words. For we battle for the hearts and minds of those who have not yet read our works. Those who do not know the sacrifices we’ve given. The brow-beating we’ve taken from a few who could not see our brilliance. Our insecurity is not our weakness, but our strength to battle on.

Yeah, that’s what I say every time I look at the rejection letter from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

They know not my brilliance.


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