When I was a Poet II

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Here’s another poem I wrote from the past. Hope you enjoy it.

The Rise of an Epiphany

My heart is not open to disappointments
I fly blindly into things not seen but felt
With every emotion I gather I give unto
you but it’s not returned
I’m a fool like many before me that engage
in foolish fantasies

Living in sour dreams
Peering through open windows
of heartfelt wishes
Never fully realizing what we had
or at least what I had

You never acknowledge the existence of my
feelings to begin with
So why do I bother?
I stare at blank walls of unrequited love
Focusing on what you mean to me
Feeling sick from the epiphany being hammered
in my head

What an ass I’ve been.
I can’t believe I fell for her.
What was I thinking?
It all comes flooding like a dam just broke
With little or no consolation to my conscience.
I’ve been exposed for the world
to see and yet

I still feel her pain,
I still see her tears,
I still clean her wounds,
I’m still here.