I Read Comic Books…don’t judge me

I grew up reading all types of books. Anything I could read, I would. My favorite among all were comic books. I’m still a fan to this day and will always be. Luckily, my wife understands and has never had a problem with it. Of course, some people can’t comprehend the fascination or appeal of the medium. But I’m not here to evangelize to the blasphemers. I know that comic books and graphic novels are here to stay no matter what.

In my youth, I had a girlfriend that looked at me as if I was 5 years old and sucking on a baby bottle. We worked together in the evening, so in the morning I would have some time to read the books I’ve bought from the Comic Book Store. She would look at me all nestled in the corner of the couch, reading with deep intent and suck her teeth in disgust. Now, mind you, she would sit and watch soap operas for the entire afternoon and I wouldn’t say one thing. She knew every character from every show and all their silly situations that are typical in daytime soaps. No one stayed married to the same person for long. They recycled mates like a an alcoholic changing drinks. And everyone had an affair. I tried to show her that at least the heroes showed dignity and restraint. Her argument was that this is real life. Okayyyy. One thing you don’t want to do is argue with a soap opera addict so I quietly went back to reading. I let her gloat in her win.

There’s also nothing like the occasional book snob to make you feel like you sit at the kids table during the holidays and color all day.

I worked for a sporting goods company that had a pretty good-sized break room with two of the most comfortable couches in the world. Of course, I’d sit in the corner of the couch and read novels and comic books. There was a co-worker who I would share books with. She was a voracious reader just like me and we’d talk about the various authors we enjoyed. One day, I was reading the Superman comic when he changed his costume to contain his new body which was all energy. I was discussing this milestone with another colleague and she walked in and asked what we were talking about. I told her and the eyebrows went up. I knew what that meant. She said, “Ok. I read books without pictures.” Wowwww. I laughed, but on the inside I was like “What the heck was that?” Some how reading those types of books were beneath her intelligence. Very snobbish.

Two of the best movies I’ve seen were from graphic novels History of Violence and Road to Perdition(which I hate when people call them comic books to denigrate their relevance). Even if they were written in novel form, their stories would still resonate. If you haven’t heard The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has just been adapted into a graphic novel. So there you snobs of snobbery.

Comic books and graphic novels will never go away especially when you have the biggest comic book convention, Comic-Con, drawing in more of the faithful of all ages. WE WILL NEVER GO AWAY. EVER.

Yeah that was too dramatic even for me.


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