You Sure Do Look Familiar…

I’ve been working on my first novel (among many attempts to complete one) this week and so far I’m moving along pretty well. I didn’t write yesterday because I wanted sit back and watch a movie on Netflix. I remember reading a post on Lauren Sapala’s blog called Want to Be a Better Writer? Watch More Movies and thought “Hey, I love doing that. You don’t have to tell me twice.”

I checked through my Instant Queue and found a documentary that I’ve wanted to see. It’s not a film but Docs usually have great info that I can use in my stories. It’s called BMF: The Rise and Fall of a Hip Hop Drug Empire. If you’re into crime stories, like I am, you’ll find this very interesting and eye-opening. Their full name was Black Mafia Family and they were the largest drug organization in US history covering Georgia to California.

I’d never heard of them, but I’d heard of some of their crimes. I didn’t know that two brothers from Detroit ran the organization. What shocked me was how similar they are to the two brothers I have in my WIP. So similar, I wondered if I had read the story and sub-consciously stored it in my mind. It didn’t discourage me but it did make me take a look on how I want to develop the characters.

Has this ever happen to you? You’re working on your short story or novel. You take a break and watch a movie. While you’re enjoying the film, the protagonist is doing things that are familiar. And then you realize that your character does the exact same thing in your story. That’s when you scream to the world, “I made he/she first!”

Tell me if you’ve experienced anything like that and we’ll console our egos over some pie or something.


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