The Miami Heat are champions…I can write again

2013 NBA Finals Champions
2013 NBA Finals Champions

As the title states, I am free from staying up late nights screaming at the TV for the Heat to stop making turnovers and giving me a dang heart attack. They are the NBA Finals Champions for the third time in their storied 25 years and I am ecstatic.

Back to focusing on character development and not wondering why Shane Battier couldn’t hit a three-pointer for most of the games (until it really counted, so better late than never).

Back to researching police procedures and not wishing that Tony Parker would just sit the heck down and stop making unbelievable shots (I mean, seriously, did you see those shots?)

Back to moving my fingers across the computer keys and not regretting that I turned the TV off in Game 6 when it was 58 seconds left in the 4th quarter, the Heat were down by 5 and missed one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the NBA (my wife still hasn’t forgiven me for that).

I’m happy to be back writing stories and this post. I say welcome back to all those Heat and Spurs fans that closed the laptops and witnessed one of the best Finals in a long time.


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