I’m a little angry…

I had to write this down because its been bothering me since yesterday. I love my family. I would do anything to protect them. I’m blessed to have three great kids who don’t get in trouble. They do what their suppose to do. They get good grades and all the things that make you proud of your kids.
I find out yesterday that my 5-year-old daughter, who will talk and play with anybody, has been labeled with three other African-American girls as “Hood Girls” or “Ghetto Girls”. And get this, it was their teacher who made the comment!!
I’m not stupid or naive to think that some, and I do mean some, educators are ignorant in their thinking. I realize that some people have not reached the age of maturity even when they’re heading into old freakin’ age. This teacher has no right to assume anything about those little girls. She doesn’t know anything about them or how they are living. She just thought “Black” must be “hood”. What hurts so much is that my little girl worships the ground that this so-called teacher walks on. In her eyes, she does no wrong.
I’m just tired of this stupid crap. It’s 2013 and America still can’t evolve into the nation it should be. This cycle has to stop. Somebody has to stand up and say STOP! I feel like the good reasonable people of this country are slowly being silenced by the extreme intolerant knuckleheads still holding on to the 20th Century.
I’m just angry that my daughter was labeled something other than being a little girl who loves to learn.


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