What’s your favorite Crime Drama?

All writers will say that various experiences and influences have help shaped their writing. Most read books to jumpstart the creative process. Others workout to get that much needed oxygen to the brain and some use good ol’ fashion alcohol to stimulate one’s thinking or to numb it ( I guess it depends on how bad of a day you had sitting in front of a blank screen for 4 hours).
My biggest influence are movies, especially crime dramas. Who hasn’t seen all three Godfather films? Imitated Joe Pesci from Goodfellas (Do I amuse you?) or hummed the lyrics to Shaft’s theme song (Isaac Hayes RIP). Heck, I can watch Heat and Carlito’s Way all day long.
Now some will disagree with me, but I believe that The Dark Knight is one of the best crime drama films ever made that happen to have a superhero in it. That’s just my humble opinion.
Over the weekend, I watched a Direct-to-DVD film on Netflix called The Killing Jar. It starred Michael Madsen of Reservoir Dogs fame and Harold Perrineau of Lost. Most of the time, those type of films spell C-R-A-P, but this one wasn’t bad. I won’t give away any spoilers, but I did enjoy Harold Perrineau’s performance. He’s very underrated. I also checked out End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhal and Michael Pena as two LA Police Officers patrolling South Central. The movie was gritty and uncomfortable which is exactly how I like my crime dramas.
Do you have a favorite Crime Drama, Thriller or Mystery? Whether it’s a novel, film or TV show, tell me your favorites. We’ll probably have some form of media in common.


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