…and ran right into Iron Man


Hey everyone. I wanted to continue what I posted on Thursday about my “Day at the Movies” with my two sons last week. I shared my opinion on Star Trek: Into Darkness and now I’d like to give my perspective on Iron Man 3.
I saw the two previous Iron Man films and this recent movie was just as great. As I explained from the previous post, there may be spoilers so if you haven’t seen it, sorry.
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man is by far the best pick of an actor for a superhero movie. Next to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, he embodies what a wealthy, highly intelligent, sometimes douchey Industrialist is all about. And I mean this in the most nicest way. I love his portrayal of the character. I use to read the Iron Man of the 80’s when he and James (Rhodey) Rhodes would globetrot like a couple of secret agents and trust me they were never like the way they’re portrayed now. And that’s ok. Downey brings an arrogant charm to Tony. That’s what makes this film the best out of the series.
The story begins a few months after the events in The Avengers and Tony is having trouble sleeping. During his insomnia, he creates numerous variations of his suit causing strife between him and Pepper Potts, along with bouts of panic attacks suffered from the battle in New York. Col. James Rhodes is now the Iron Patriot, nixing the War Machine moniker due to focus groups and a new villain is on the world stage named The Mandarin who heads a terrorist group called The Ten Rings. There is also scientific research gone awry with help from the privately funded group called AIM, headed by Aldrich Killian. They provide a biological process called Extremis, created by Dr. Maya Hansen, that helps the human body regenerates itself along with other enhancements.
Those that are familiar with comic books know every person or group I’ve mentioned has appeared in numerous stories in the Marvel Universe. I personally got a kick out of seeing AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) in the film and I hope they come back in some form or fashion in the new Marvel Films universe.
I was also surprised with the iteration of The Mandarin. Wow, what a great way to flip a classic villain. Instead of him being this terroristic force creating havoc around the globe, he’s nothing but a figurehead portrayed by an out-of-work actor who would rather be snorting a line of coke. That was a great surprise. Ben Kingsley is one of The Greats. In fact, I love when he plays just a regular bloke than his more aristocratic roles.
All in all, I thought Shane Black’s direction was on par with Jon Favreau spending more time in front of the camera. I thought the action scenes were better in this Iron Man. Not trying to knock Mr. Favreau, but who better to bring out the action in the script than the one who wrote the screenplay in the first place. I mean, come on, Shane was the screenwriter of Lethal Weapon and The Long Kiss Goodnight. I’ll give him his props.


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