As the week passed by, two newsworthy stories received the obligatory coverage associated with a 24 hour news cycle; the three captive women in Cleveland and Jodi Arias.
I’m happy for the women being rescued from the madman that is Arial Castro. God only knows what they went through for the past 10 years in that house. Their resolve and tenacity is a testament of survival. They should be celebrated and honored for such bravery.
On the other side of that spectrum is Ms. Arias. Actually, I’m not sure what I think about her. My feelings are kind of indifferent to the whole situation. I’m sorry that Travis Alexander was murdered by her hands, but while the country was riveted to their TV’s, computers and mobile devices awaiting the outcome of the trial, which she was found guilty, I didn’t care.
It got me to thinking that maybe I’m sliding down that slippery slope of desensitization. I will admit that I can be as cynical as an alcoholic political reporter and have a right to. Lifetime was already making a movie and had to wait for the verdict so that they could end production. Honestly, that’s exactly how the whole trial felt like. One. Big. Lifetime. Movie.
Is that cold? Am I wrong?
I feel emotion for the Cleveland 3, but nothing for a murder trial. Should I be worried that I’m a belt notch away from being a typical newscaster going through the motions. Definitely something to think about.


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