Second Chances Are Inevitable

I was going to post something positive and uplifting that I wrote earlier about life in general, but I happened to see an article on Yahoo about Michael Vick re-signing with Nike. Personally, I’m happy for him. It shows that everyone makes big and little mistakes and that if you truly ask for forgiveness and make a positive change then you can be blessed again. A second chance to redeem yourself.

After I read it, I made the grave error of reading the comments which of course pissed me off. Now, I know there are “trolls” that go from site to site spewing negativity like a fire hose. I get that. What trips me out is all the unabashed hate. I saw one comment where they’re calling the shoe company NIGKE.

Seriously! Wow. Ignorance has no bounds.

Second chances are inevitable. No one, and I mean no one, has not had a second chance. Heck, most people done (yeah, I said done) had third, fourth, fifth, countless chances. Most have made good and others, well, lets say they’re a little stubborn.

And believe me those same people who are being hypocritical, I’m pretty sure they’re on their tenth chance.


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