The Greatest Comeback Ever

     So I’m on my vacation staying with my Brother-in-law’s family in Orlando. He’s at work with the Orlando Fire Department and I’m here with my family and sister-in-law. First thing I do is turn to the game as soon as I got in the house (I know what you’re thinking, “How rude. Just bust in and turn the TV.” She didn’t have the TV on at the time and she was talking to my wife all that time anyway).
     I missed the first two quarters and Maclin’s touchdown so to see the Giants leading the Eagles 24-10 was a little disheartening, but it was just the third quarter so they had time to comeback. Giants score another TD and its now 31-10 and I’m pissed. I was so upset that when the commercial came on I told my wife that she can turn to whatever they wanted to watch. Normally, she would’ve grabbed the remote and changed the channel before I could finish my sentence, but she decided to leave it alone. And I have to say, I am so glad she didn’t listen to me because I would have missed the greatest fourth quarter comeback in the history of football.
     Let me just say that if Michael Vick does not get MVP then I know the process is bias and flawed. People will always bring up his past and say he doesn’t deserve the accolades that he’s achieved. He has paid his debt to society. He’s done his time and is atoning everyday for the mistakes that he’s made. So for the haters, get the heck over it and move on.
       When Maclin and Vick scored those touchdowns, I went berserk. I clapped and yelled throughout the house and of course my wife looked at me like I didn’t have any home training. But when DeSean ran for 65 yards to beat the Giants who were basically blitzing the pants off the O-line, I think the whole neighborhood heard me. In fact, I’m pretty sure the whole county and part of Central Florida wondered why the kept hearing E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES BABY!!!!!


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