Cheese Steak

This is a story I wrote a long time ago that I re-edited. Hope you enjoy it. Cheese Steak By Robert Price “I want a lot of fried onions and hot peppers on… Continue reading

Locked Away

Locked Away By Robert C Price When someone or something looks beautiful to you who can doubt your intentions or argue your reasons Your heart deems it worthy and real The mere reason… Continue reading

Jump Shot

It has been a busy September. This is a story I wrote a long time ago that I’ve re-edited. Hope you enjoy  it. Jump Shot By Robert C Price I hate the Sixers.… Continue reading

I Love Music XX

Happy Friday Good People One of my favorite songs from Stevie Wonder, These Three Words. When I hear it, I have to sit down and let it sink in. It’s such a beautiful… Continue reading

Netflix Holiday

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted anything new lately. Life’s been a little crazy. My wife injured her foot in a horrible cartwheel catastrophe ( it wasn’t really horrible, she actually did a… Continue reading

I Love Music XIX

Happy Friday!! I wanted to showcase a classic today. I heard this song on Anti-Telly Time with Sharifa and Chee and had to share it. This is a true soulful love song. I… Continue reading

The Interview Is Here!

To all that didn’t get a chance to hear my interview on Anti-Telly Time with Sharifa and Chee, just click play and listen to the full show. There were a lot of great… Continue reading


    6 By Robert C Price   Authorities don’t care how I feel When I see blood stains on the asphalt mingling with the gravel and tar Disturbed by twenty inch tire… Continue reading

Check out my Interview

Good afternoon everybody. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I wanted to let you know that I was interviewed by the talented Chee Chee-A-Nam yesterday for her radio show.  She is… Continue reading

I Love Music XVIII

I feel when I hear great music that I have to share it with the masses. We’re over-saturated by pop stars that either have no talent or have let their real talent become… Continue reading

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